A mysterious young gnome uninterested in the trappings of his past


Tall for his kind Imaemaru appears to others from afar as a human child. Upon closer inspection they find a young gnome no older than 25 with large piercing blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. When not hidden beneath his cloak his shaven head decorated with strange tattoo’s, gives away any hope he might have of going unnoticed.


If mystery was a doorway to ones soul, Imaemaru would be a shinning beacon. If you were to ask the fish merchants of Maybeury, or if you marched down the hall’s of the Narrows prison and asked the dregs of Eora, if you climbed the high mountain’s and asked the pious monk who Imaemaru was, they would all tell a similar tale. It is said that he was born of the world, found growing from within the bark of a young sapling. They would tell you that it is said he is the child of Aedifix himself and that the gods watch us closely though his eyes. Most people discount such talk a children’s story or silly gossip, but some believe them true.

Few take the time learn much of him as he is treated with a sense of disregard, like a cat that isn’t welcome. But those that do find a young boy(by gnome standards) who is generous, outgoing, and wise beyond his years. He is rarely seen in the cities of Eora but he has been known to frequent the libraries or charter boats on expeditions to far off places.

No one has seen or heard of him in many months as of late. Until yesterday when a merchant saw him emerge from a forest atop a wolf.


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