Tarvok Madislak

Human Barbarian Tribal Marauder


STR: 18(4) / DEX: 14(2) / CON: 16(3) / INT: 10 (0) / WIS: 12 (1) / CHA: 10 (0)

AC: 18 (Chieftain Half-plate)
Hit Dice: d12 (7)

Ka and Rok (Long Swords)

Other Proficiencies & Languages:
Common, Dwarvish, Giant
Light+Medium Armor
Simple + Material Weapons
Musical Instrument: Drum

Rage: Bonus Action, + damage, resistance to b,p,s damage
Unarmored Defense (15 AC)
Wanderer: Remember locations, find food + water for up to 5 people.
Dual Wielder: +1 AC when holding 2 weapons, can make another attack without STR bonus as bonus action.


His tribe, the Wardaji, were destroyed by a group of religious fanatics calling themselves “The Three Spears”. Donning his father’s armor, he began wandering the outer rim of the plains in a blind rage. However, an agent of Dreadulus found him and gave his life purpose. Now he is in search of compatriots who will help him in his quest to destroy The Three Spears.

Personality Traits: I’m always picking things up and fiddling with them. Sometimes breaking them.

Ideals: I must earn glory in battle.

Bonds: I will bring terrible wrath to the evil doers who destroyed my homeland.

Flaws: Violence is my answer to almost any challenge.

Tarvok Madislak

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