Brand Crowley

Rogue with an unknown past


Brand is a rogue living in the city of Clovis Keep. He spends his days doing odd jobs and helping the locals with anything they need assistance with. When he is unable to find that kind of work, he makes ends meet by selling various potions of differing colors to those suffering from various ailments such has hair loss, skin rashes, or other things a magical tonic should have no problem curing.

He is almost always clad in his hooded leather armor. His eyes are a deep sapphire blue color, and his hair is as black as the night sky. He keeps his hair longer about mid-way down his neck and covering his ears, and yet it is neatly trimmed. He also has a short beard that he keeps looking sharp and trimmed.

While he has lived in Clovis Keep for a while, no one really knows where he came from before. It was like he just appeared in the town and went about things as if he had lived there all his life. Nothing is known about his past.

Brand Crowley

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