Dr. Yensem Borvitch

The Good Doctor, a somewhat eccentric man who has seen far too much for his age.


“The Gods have forsaken this man, but I have not! There are many reasons why they have entrusted me with this power, one reason being to prove them wrong when they think they are just. And so that it is true: this man will not die this day!”


Dr. Yensem Borvitch, a practitioner of the medical and holy arts, is a household name across the continent of Eora. He is known mostly by his moniker, “The Good Doctor,” and there are many a tales of his exploits in far reaching villages, offering aid to those less fortunate, and rites of the dead to those even less so. As common with medical practice, there are times of hardship, of when The Good Doctor’s medicine was just not enough to pull through. However, for each one of the losses, there are tales of miraculous victory. One says he saved a woman who had her two legs torn clear off, re-attached, and began working once again. Another says stories of stealing a man away from the icy cold grip of paralysis. Even one stating that he had brought a man back from the Black Gates of Death himself, drenched in holy light.

Dr. Yensem Borvitch

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